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Seminar Topics

Seminars are small group meetings where the tutors and students aim to discuss particular topics. Seminars therefore offer an opportunity for discussions and debates where problems are identified and sorted out. This can also be viewed as an opportunity to introduce related topics that will help to widen your knowledge about a discipline and hone your presentation skills as students. Seminars create environments for exploring new interesting topics and let the participants share ideas in ways that will help to advance their thought processes. Participants can learn from other’s experiences as well as their knowhow and can identify and resolve problems. Students may choose to conduct seminars on topics as listed below:

  1. Mobile train radio communication
  2. Paper battery
  3. PC interfaced voice recognition system
  4.  Cyber security
  5.  Big data visualization
  6.  Interactive public display
  7.  Next generation mobile computing
  8. Multicore memory coherence
  9. Smart antenna for mobile communication
  10. Smart note taker
  11. Embedded web technology
  12. Big Data: refers to the use of predictive analytics or the use of certain advanced methods to extract value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set. Accuracy in big data leads to more confident decision making.
  13. Apple Talk
  14. Invisible Eye: a single camera based security system which is used for protection of valuables kept inside a room.
  15. 4D Visualization
  16. 3D Glasses: these glasses make video games come to life in a way that increases the overall gaming experience for gamers belonging to any age group.
  17. Low energy efficiency wireless
  18. Communication network design
  19. Seminar on artificial passenger
  20. .Computational Fluid Dynamics
  21. Computer Aided Production Engineering (CAPE)
  22. Concentrating Solar Power Energy From Mirrors
  23. Concept Cars
  24. Blue eyes technology
  25. Touch screen technology
  26. Global positioning system and its application
  27. Acoustic parking system (APS)
  28. Active Electrically Controlled Suspension
  29. Active Front Lighting System
  30. Active roll-over protection system in Automobiles
  31. Tsunami warning system
  32. Smart dust core architecture
  33.  Advanced technique for RTL
  34. Debugging
  35. Optical fiber communication
  36.  Digital image processing
  37. Atkinson cycle engine
  38. Automobile AC By Utilizing Waste Heat & Gases
  39. Automobile Air Conditioning
  40. Gesture recognition using accelerometer
  41. Cellular digital data packet
  42. Telecommunication Network PPT
  43. Electrical Technical Seminar Topic on CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles
  44. Application of Swarm Robots
  45. Embedded Systems
  46. Future Satellite Communication
  47. 3D image technique and multimedia application
  48. iSphere: is designed to minimize the barrier between the humans cognitive model of what they want to accomplish and the computer’s understanding of the user’s task.
  49. Teradata: is a relational database management system that drives a company’s data warehouse. It offers the foundation for a company the power to grow and to compete in today’s dynamic marketplace, to achieve the goal of “Transforming Transactions into Relationships” and to evolve businesses by getting answers to a new generation of questions.
  50. zForce Touch Screen: designed to overcome many of the limitations of today’s touch screens.
  51. Traffic Building: When you have achieved a good search engine ranking, you will begin to see thousands of visitors to your website every day.
  52. Shaper Machine
  53. Electronic Fuel Injection
  54. .Cylinder Deactivation
  55. Damage identification in aging aircraft structures with piezoelectric wafer active sensors
  56. Data Fusion for Quality Improvements
  57. Design of an active car chassis frame incorporating magneto rheological fluid
  58. Freeze Drying: Freeze drying is a modern method for preserving food. The food is first frozen and then dried to get rid of the moisture.
  59. Independent Wheel Vehicle Suspension
  60. Wireless Body Area Network
  61. Ultra wide band technology
  62. Virtual Reality
  63. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
  64. Web based remote device monitoring
  65. E-Ball Technology
  66. Abrasive Cleaning: an abrasive is a material or a mineral used to shape or finish a work piece through rubbing. This may lead to part of this work piece becoming worn out. Finishing a material often means polishing it to gain a smooth and reflective surface and can also mean roughening as in satin, matte or beaded finishes.
  67. Air Powered Motorcycle
  68. Self Inflating Tires: improper inflation of tires is one of the most important causes for accidents. Tires lose air through normal driving, permeation and seasonal changes in temperature. When they are under inflated the treads wear more quickly. Under -inflated tires can therefore get damaged quickly due to overheating as compared to properly inflated tires.
  69. Night Vision Technology in Automobiles: After dark the chances of being involved in fatal vehicle crashes rise sharply although the traffic is less. Inadequate illumination is one of the major factors leading to car crashes that occur between midnight and dawn. To counter this problem, night vision systems have been designed that use infrared sensors that allow the driver to three or four times farther ahead and helps them to quickly distinguish among objects.
  70. High Speed Trains
  71. Electronic Gasoline Injection
  72. Electronic Multipoint Fuel Injection System
  73. Electronically Controlled Air Suspension System
  74. Electrostatic precipitator
  75. . Development of superconducting rotating machines
  76. Direct to home (DTH)
  77. Flying Windmills: flying electric generators harness the powerful and persistent winds aloft to supply electricity for grid connection, for hydrogen production or for hydro-storage.
  78. Plastic Welding: in plastic welding, heat is supplied through convection of the pincher tips instead of conduction. The two plastic pieces are brought together and during welding, a jet of hot air is liberated which can melt the parts to be joined along with the plastic filler rod.
  79. Autotronics: automotive electronic systems are embedded mixed-signal systems because these feature multiple analog sensors and analog motor controls under digital control.
  80. Smart card technology
  81. Fuzzy logic technology
  82. Smart material technology
  83. Improved efficiency of gas turbine
  84. Improving aerodynamic performance of an aerospace vehicle
  85. Infrared Curing And Convection Curing
  86. Infrared Thermography
  87. Dual Clutch Transmission
  88. Ocean Electricity
  89. Ozone Water Treatment
  90. .Variable Speed Drives
  91. Vehicle Dynamics
  92. Vertical Landing and takeoff engine
  93. Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  94. Surge Current Protection Using Superconductors
  95. Sixth sense technology
  96. 5G mobile technology
  97. Nano scale material and device for future communication network
  98. Card based security system
  99.  Cordless power controller
  100. Temperature monitoring system

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