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Science Projects for Class 7

Students in class 7 will find these science projects easy to do and extremely interesting for knowing more about the basic concepts. Most of these projects are based upon elementary Physics, Chemistry, Biology concepts and you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding about them through these:

  1. How metals compare in density
  2. Egg Floatation (buoyancy)
  3. How does the amount of oxygen affect the rate of burning?
  4. How do airplanes fly and what is the best wing shape: to design some experiments to test and show the fundamentals of flight.
  5. How do waves carry energy:
  6. How do magnets work:
  7. What limits the speed of a car, boat, or a truck?
  8. Submarine: to study the forces that makes a submarine go under the water and come back up to the surface. This project aims to find out what the relation between the size of a submarine and the force needed to take it down is.
  9. What factors affect burning?
  10. What is the effect of salt water on a plants growth?
  11. What is the effect of sugar water on a plants growth?
  12. What is the effect of vinegar on plants?
  13. What is the effect of oil on plants?
  14. Testing the light color that is best for plant growth: You can filter daylight using colored glass to obtain a single color light. You need to test with red, blue, yellow, green and white light. You have to record the results, analyze them and then draw a conclusion.
  15. What is the effect of sugar or salt in the evaporation of water?
  16. Identifying counterfeit bills
  17. Endothermic and exothermic reaction experiments
  18. How to make a solar oven
  19. Testing the relationship between eye color and sight
  20. How to make a water cycle model
  21. Does the weather really affect mood?
  22. Do gas stations cause soli pollution?
  23. How Do You Test If The Egg Is Cooked?
  24. Make A Simple Electric Circuit
  25. Does Detergent Work Best In Cold or Hot Water?
  26. What causes the milk to spoil?
  27. How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount?
  28. Comparing active & passive solar energy systems in cost and efficiency.
  29. Designing an energy efficient home
  30. Can water be magnetized?
  31. Can air pressure be used to push, break or bend objects?
  32. Compare copper wires to optical fibers for transmitting sound, image or data.
  33. How does temperature affect the strength or adherence of glue?
  34. Effects of salts on the freezing point of water
  35. Fire must have air to burn.
  36. Effect of Acids on teeth, bones and eggs
  37. Chemical reactions that produce energy or that require energy
  38. How do the amounts of water affect plant growth?
  39. How do the hours of sunlight affect plant growth?
  40. Family studies on inheritance
  41. Genetic Studies and connections between hair and eye color
  42. How does the strength of weed killer affect the plant growth?
  43. How does the temperature affect the plant growth?
  44. What conditions are favorable for mushroom production?
  45. What conditions are favorable for algae growth?
  46. What conditions are favorable for bacteria growth or control?
  47. How does temperature affect the plant growth?
  48. How do pollutants affect the plant growth?
  49. How does the PH level affect the plant growth?
  50. How heat and pressure create metamorphic rocks
  51. Identifying different metals by the color of flame when they are made to burn
  52. Comparing metals based on their reactivity
  53. Electroplating principles and how different metals can be used
  54. How to make PH indicator using cabbage?
  55. How Yogurt is made and whether it is a chemical or biochemical reaction
  56. Effects of temperature on viscosity of oil
  57. Making salt water potable and removal of pollutants
  58. How strong are plastic wraps?
  59. What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball
  60. How do compression and tension make things strong?
  61. Efficient use of renewable energy resources- E.G. Wood, Wind
  62. Determining the accuracy of various thermometers
  63. How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount?
  64. Which type of lawn sprinkler works best?
  65. Which type and size of light bulb produces the most light?
  66. How can the strength of light be measured?
  67. Which materials can be charged with static electricity?
  68. Effects of sunlight on rubber, ink and paper
  69. Effects of increased concentrations on the rate of chemical reactions
  70. Compare the PH levels in mouths of various animals and humans at different times in the day
  71. Compare the surface tension of various liquids
  72. Dealing with chemical spills from industry
  73. Can you obtain water from ink, vinegar, milk?
  74. What effects do different amounts of exercise have on the production of carbon dioxide in humans?
  75.  Analyze soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and PH
  76. Does the amount of particle pollution vary with distance from a road, with location and height?
  77. Make electricity from salt water and oxygen
  78. Factors affecting the size of a drop in water based solutions.
  79. Which Paper towels are better absorbent?
  80. Fingerprinting offers a fun way to explore the science of forensics.
  81. Which Soft Drink Has the Most Carbonation?
  82. Do humans have a blind spot?
  83. Correlation between ring finger length and your athletic abilities
  84. Testing the relationships between smell and taste
  85. Does chewing gum make one smarter?
  86. Which gear gives best performance in a kart race?
  87. How to power a radio with solar power
  88. Does music have an effect on biological systems?
  89. Effectiveness of various cleaning solutions in cleaning tarnished and oxidized coins
  90. Growing salt crystals
  91. Making a string phone
  92. Making your own fossil
  93. Making a simple microscope
  94. Making a kaleidoscope
  95.  Making a wind vane
  96. Making a rain gauge
  97. Is the speed at which your hair grows related to temperature?
  98. Does an increase in heart speed heighten your senses?
  99. What kind of affect does solar weather have on Earth?
  100. What affect does string tension have on the accuracy and power of a tennis shot?

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