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Mini Projects for CSE 2nd Year Students

Students in the second year of Computer Science Engineering or CSE discipline will find the following project ideas ideal for undertaking mini-projects. These mini-projects will help them gain confidence in making presentations and will also provide them with an in-depth knowledge of the basic concepts in computer science.

  1. Online Examination System
  2. Focused Web Crawling for E-Learning Content
  3. Smart Glasses: are wearable devices that display real-time information directly in front of the user field of vision by using Augmented Reality techniques. Smart glasses can also perform more complex tasks and even run some applications besides supporting Internet connectivity.
  4. Secure Shell: a protocol that provides authentication, encryption and data integrity to secure network communications
  5. Artificial Neural Network Based Verification of Digital Signature
  6. Design and Implementation of E Secure Transaction
  7. Pattern Recognition and Dynamic Character Using Neural Network
  8. Verification of Dynamic Signature Using Pattern Signature
  9. Apple Talk: a network operating system designed to connect Apple computers. Its components are built on Macintosh operating systems.
  10. 4D Visualization: “4D” is shorthand for “four-dimensional”- the fourth dimension being time. In contrast to 3D imaging diagnostic processes, 4D allows doctor to visualize internal anatomy moving in real-time.4D visualization takes three-dimensional images and adds the element of time to the process. The revolutionary capabilities of four-dimensional medical imaging modalities along with computer reconstruction and rendering of multidimensional medical and histological volume image data, prevent the need for physical dissection or abstract assembly of anatomy and provide powerful new opportunities for medical diagnosis and treatment and for biological investigations.
  11. E Ball PC Technology: a sphere shaped computer which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. This computer has all features of a traditional computer such as elements like keyboard or mouse, DVD and large screen display.
  12. Data Integrity Maintenance and Dynamic University Linking
  13. Email System
  14. E- Voting
  15. Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router
  16. Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems
  17. Multithreaded Socket Based Email Server
  18. Design and implementation of Mobile Banking
  19. College management system portal
  20. Multiparty access control of social network
  21. Filtering and Analyzing of Effective Packet System for ATM Network
  22. Efficient and Distribution and Secure Content Processing by Cooperative Intermediaries
  23. Rule Mining Algorithm for Efficient Association in Distributed Databases
  24. Digest Algorithm for Efficient Message for Data Security
  25. Voice based E-mail for the Blind
  26. A Railway Anti-Collision System with Auto-Track Changing and Phis Plate Removal Sensing
  27. Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam
  28. Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic Persons Based on a Neural Network
  29. Network Security Implementation Layer through Voice Biometric
  30. Agent Based Blocking and Response, Intrusion Detection using Signature
  31. Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test
  32. Chat application widget.
  33. Online Personal diary.
  34. Bus Transport Management System
  35. Dynamic Time Warping and Triangular matching Based on a Fingerprint Verification System
  36. Smart Card Security and Static Analysis Perspective from a Java
  37. Internet Based Monitoring of Remote Electrocardiogram
  38. Internet Protocol Trace Back Based Detection and Modeling of Camouflaging Worm
  39. Online Property buys and sales
  40. Online Medicine Description
  41. College Feedback System
  42. Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization
  43. Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System
  44. Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multi-radio Multi-cellular Wireless networks
  45. Students secure file storage
  46. Hospital management System.
  47. File transfers using cryptography method.
  48. Providing security to the user data by using encryption technique.
  49. Online shopping
  50. Data Mining Technique Based Building Intelligent Shopping for Web Services
  51. Automatic Teller Machine Network Implementation based Controlling of CAC Connection Admission
  52. Adaptive Coaching and Co-Operative System for MANETS
  53. Multidimensional and Color Imaging Projections
  54. Inter Domain Packet Filters based Controlling of IP Spoofing
  55. Hidden Markov Models Based Credit Card Fraud Detection
  56. XML Enable SQL Server Based Data Storage and Minimization
  57. Detecting duplicate record in networks
  58. Pre-Leave Management System
  59. School Management System
  60. Job Portal System
  61. Multi storage files with different database.
  62. Reservation rent car-a-car in PHP.
  63. Pharmacy management System.
  64. Dynamic database creation
  65. Travelling Salesman and Genetic Algorithm Problem Using ATL COM and C#
  66. Channel Rate Allocation for Scalable Video Streaming Using Genetic Algorithm over Error-Prone Networks Based on GOP
  67. High Speed Face Recognition Based on RBF Neural Networks and Discrete Cosine Transform.
  68. Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster
  69. Random Password Generation System with mailing system
  70. Minimizing File Downloading using File Splitting
  71. Image Transfer using cryptography key
  72. Computer lab management system.
  73. Library management system.
  74. Searching a image from websites
  75. Question Answering System for an Effective Collaborative Learning
  76. Courier Tracking Systems
  77. Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  78. Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters
  79. Architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming
  80. Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks
  81. Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router
  82. Graph Analysis and Generation for Detecting the Source Code Plagiarism Based on Program
  83. Implicit Approach Based Animating and Buildup of Wind Driven Snow
  84. Bullet Physics and Cinder Graphics Based Doodle Processing System
  85. Simulation and Modeling of Unknown Factors in Acquisition
  86. Implementation of Multi Router Traffic Monitoring
  87. Real Time Transmission Protocol Based Broadcasting of Multicast Video
  88. Multicast Routing For Collaborative Applications with Delay Variation Constrains On Overlay Networks
  89. Developing the Encryption, API, Architecture and Security of Biometric Technology
  90. Automated Transport Enquiry System in MySQL and C# Based on Voice
  91. Smart Card Security and Static Analysis Perspective from a Java
  92. Internet Based Monitoring of Remote Electrocardiogram
  93. Internet Protocol Trace Back Based Detection and Modeling of Camouflaging Worm
  94. Ridges and Fusion of Minutiae Based Fingerprint Identification Using Strength Factors
  95. Multiple Access Control Protocol
  96. Digital Preservation
  97. E-Paper Technology
  98. Smart Skin for Machine Handling
  99. Mobile Phone Cloning
  100. Nano Cars Into The Robotics

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