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Mechanical Projects

Mechanical engineering refers to a branch of engineering which applies principles of physics, material sciences and engineering to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. This engineering discipline primarily focuses on designing and producing machinery; so, it obviously demands an understanding of the basic concepts of mechanics and kinematics, materials sciences and electricity, thermodynamic and structural analysis. Students enrolled in this course will use these basic concepts together with tools such as computer aided design, product life cycle management resources etc for designing and assessing manufacturing plants, factory equipments, heating-cooling systems, transportation systems, robotics, medical equipments, weapons manufacturing, watercraft and aircraft.

  1. Car Controlled System Operation
  2. Voice Operated Fuel Injector: to inject fuel by voice signal through embedded system
  3. Check Post Vehicle Analyzer: to access the information about the vehicles such as its register number at the check post areas without their knowledge.
  4. Speed Vehicle Sensing
  5. Solar Automatic Mobile Charging: aims to charge cell phones through solar power based on coin system
  6. Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone
  7. Automatic Fuel Tank Filling System: to fill the vehicle fuel tank based on the input given through the keypad arrangement accurately
  8. Automatic Speed Breaking Systems: an innovative project designed to prevent accidents which take place in restricted roadways through the use of communication technologies.
  9. Sliding Table for Grinding Machine
  10. Automatic Blanking Machine
  11. Automatic PVC Pipe Cutting Machine
  12. Automatic Injection Molding
  13. Refrigeration Tutor: is to perform test on the refrigeration tutor to determine different COPs and other performance parameters.
  14. Solar PV Panel Installation: to implement a solar electrical system and to provide ample information about installation of PV Panel.
  15. Car Theft Prevention Using Code Locking System
  16. VI Based Diesel Plant Automation
  17. Microcontroller Based Vehicle Fare Meter
  18. Bus Backside Accident Alert System: mainly used to avoid the accident behind the vehicle even if the vehicle is stationed in one place.
  19. Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler
  20. Automobile Surveillance
  21. Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency
  22. Solar Aluminum Tubular Air Heater
  23. Fabrication of Wind Mill
  24. Solar Water Heater
  25. Fabricating of Micro Holes Driller
  26. Pneumatic Door Opener
  27. Pneumatic Hand Drilling
  28. Automatic Saw Cutting
  29. Model Highway Road Curve Finder
  30. Fuzzy Logic Vehicle Traffic Regulation: this project tries to regulate the flow of vehicles inside the garage. There is a display unit at the entrance of the garage to show the details about the total number of vehicles parked and free space. In case the parking area is full, then the garage door will not open to allow another vehicle to get inside.
  31. Vehicle Loan Watching System
  32. Vehicle Fuel Theft System: aim to detect & control the vehicle fuel theft using Micro controller
  33. Fabrication of Automatic Envelope Folding Machine
  34. Automatic Hammer Striker
  35. Fabrication of Coil Winding Machine
  36. Sheet Metal Bend Removing Machine
  37. Fabrication of Key Way Milling Machine
  38. Fabrication of Tilt able Extension Ladder
  39. Fabrication of Duplicate Key Making Machine
  40. Automated Dimensioning Machine
  41. Vehicle Immobilization System: a system in which if an unauthorized person is trying to move a vehicle by giving incorrect password, the alarm gives indication continuously.
  42. Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
  43. Hydraulic Disc Brake
  44. Fabrication of Coconut Tree Sprayer
  45. Engine Over Heat Alarm: to display the heat of the engine and to produce over heat alarm
  46. Emergency Braking System: to create a better braking system with indicator.
  47. Digital Vehicle Fuel Level Indicator
  48. Vehicle Due Immobilization Using PC: for tackling present crisis in financing of vehicles and to provide additional security to automobiles.
  49. Automatic bench marking system
  50. Contact less automatic door opener
  51. Operation identification system
  52. Threading machine with Programmable Controller
  53. Fabrication for Slotting Machine
  54. Fabrication of Pipe Bending Machine
  55. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper: Rain operated motor consists of conduction sensor circuit, control unit, wiper motor and glass frame. This sensor is used to detect the rain or water flow; so, when there is any rain on the glass, the sensor senses it and gives control signal to the wiper motor.
  56. Automatic Tire Pressure Inflation System
  57. Automatic Thermocole Cutter
  58. Multi Channel Product Measurement and Rejection System
  59. Automatic Intelligent Hydro Irrigation System
  60. Precision Gear-Cut Setting Attachment through Shaping Machine
  61. Pneumatic Pick & Placement
  62. Gear Indicator for two Wheelers
  63. Automatic Vice Control for Bar Feeding Machine
  64. Automatic Quality Testing System
  65. Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter
  66. Bottle Vending Machine
  67. Hydraulic Power Pack
  68. Hydro Pneumatic Vice
  69. Coin Vending Machine
  70. Automated Threading Machine
  71. Pedaling Dress Washing Machine
  72. Pedal Controlled Mobile Charger cum Emergency Light
  73. Multi Agri Cutter
  74. License Scanning Automobile Security System: is designed for the users to use vehicles with high security using license scanning system.
  75. Wind Energy Vehicle: developed for users who wish to use a vehicle with wind energy. A wind mill generates electric power from wind energy. The electric power is stored in a battery. The car gets energy from the battery.
  76. Wind Based Water Pump
  77. Automatic Vehicle Smoke Analyzer: mainly consists of a smoke sensor and a microcontroller unit. The smoke sensor is connected to the silencer, of the vehicle and it senses the amount of smoke sending signal to the microcontroller.
  78. Valve Regrinding Machine
  79. Two Wheeler with Propeller Shaft
  80. Sterling Engine: a heat engine that runs by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas at different temperature levels so that there occurs a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work
  81. Automated Material Transferring System
  82. Conveyer For Industries
  83. Automatic filling system
  84. Automatic car shutter
  85. Automatic steering controlled lead lamps
  86. Remote controlled wheel chair
  87. Automatic PVC Pipe Cutting Machine: designed and developed to cut material automatically of finite length according to the requirements.
  88. Pneumafil Controller
  89. Automatic Laminating System
  90. Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking
  91. Unified Wheel Opener
  92. Motorized Power Jack
  93. Automatic Crane System
  94. Auto Gearing System
  95. Remote Material Handler
  96. Hydraulic Noodles Machine
  97. Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism
  98. Water cooler cum Water heater by using refrigeration
  99. Fabrication of furnace using infrared Lamp
  100. Electrical power generation system by using Gasifier

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