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MCA Projects

MCA of Masters of Computer Applications is a Masters Degree in Computer Science which is a three-year course and designed to educate students about the most recent tools and technologies for catering to the increasing IT requirements. This is a professional course which will churn out qualified IT professionals who will be trained in fields like ERP, systems administration, web development and designing, database management and database administration etc. Students enrolled for this program are expected to take up various IT projects during their study years in the college or university. These projects will broaden their knowledge about the different IT concepts and help to hone their communication, language and presentation skills. There are a variety of interesting topics which students can choose from; below are listed some of the more popular student MCA projects that are perfect for preparing them for a career in IT:

  1. User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence: how business intelligence on a website could be obtained from user’s access records instead of web logs of “hits”. The user access records are captured by a data mining algorithm.
  2. Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data Mining
  3. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
  4. BlackBerry Technology
  5. 3D Internet
  6. Mobile Jammer
  7. Mind-Reading Computer
  8. 5 Pen PC Technology
  9. E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
  10. Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining: a web application with effective graphical user interface. Users can login to the system using their user IDs and passwords. Users will then enter the current temperature; humidity and wind figures and the system will take this parameter to predict weather from previous data in the database.
  11. Dynamic Cache Management Technique
  12. Symbian Mobile Operating System
  13. Multiple Access Control Protocol
  14. Wireless Body Area Network: increasing use of wireless networks has led to the development of wireless body area networks. In these networks, various sensors are attached on clothing or on the body or even implanted under the skin  which provide continuous health monitoring and real-time feedback to the user or medical personnel.
  15. Digital Preservation
  16. Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
  17. Opinion Mining For Social Networking Site
  18. Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social Networks
  19. Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking: helps to track location of any vehicle and sends details about the location to the admin. The system helps the admin to find out the location of the driver driving the concerned vehicle.
  20. Android Local Train Ticketing Project
  21. Android Patient Tracker: to aid in dispensary patient data management and viewing. This system is designed for helping doctors enter and view patient history and other patient details.
  22. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm
  23. Image Encryption Using Triple DES
  24. Student Examination Data card
  25. IPad Restaurant Application: aims at replacing conventional menu systems that are time consuming and obsolete. Meal orders can be taken on the iPad that displays the complete menu offered by the restaurant or hotel.
  26. GPS Based Human Tracking
  27. Distributed database for mobile computing
  28. Fire Fighter Robot Project
  29. An Adaptive Social Media Recommendation System
  30. Employee Performance Evaluation For Top Performers & Recruitment
  31. Data Mining For Improved Customer Relationship Management
  32. Impartial Intrusion & Crime Detection Without Gender or Caste Discrimination
  33. Customer Relationship Management System Application In Healthcare Sector
  34. Ethernet Passive Optical Network
  35. Synchronous Optical Networking
  36. Development of the Internet
  37. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  38. Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
  39. Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
  40. Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews
  41. Google Glass: is a prototype for an augmented reality heads-up display developed by Google X lab slated to run on the Android operating system.
  42. E-Ball Technology: a sphere-shaped computer which is smallest in design amongst all laptops and desktops. This computer has all the features of the traditional computer like keyboard, mouse, DVD, large screen display etc.
  43. Microsoft Palladium
  44. iCloud
  45. Bluetooth Broadcasting
  46. 3d Optical Data Storage
  47. Image data reconstruction
  48. WDM Industry automation system
  49. Java GUI builder
  50. Intelligent Chat Bot
  51. Traffic Signal: Management & Control System
  52. Automatic Toll Collection Project
  53. Nano Cars Into The Robotics
  54. Intel Core I7 Processor
  55. Airborne Internet
  56. Sixth Sense Technology
  57. Security Features of ATM
  58. Android location alarm
  59. E Governance project
  60. Improved Honeypot Project
  61. Attack Source Tracing Project: capable of finding out the real source behind the attack by analyzing the packets that travel on the network.
  62. Cloud computing for Rural banking
  63. Secure Login System
  64. Driving Optical Network Evolution
  65. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
  66. Ipv6 – The Next Generation Protocol
  67. Quadrics Interconnection Network
  68. Quantum Information Technology
  69. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining
  70. Extended AES with Custom Configurable Encryption
  71. Opinion Mining For Hotel Rating Through Reviews
  72. Web Content Trust Rating Prediction Using Evidence Theory
  73. Topic Detection Using Keyword Clustering: an efficient method to discover topic in a collection of documents known as topic model
  74. Dynamically Reconfigurability Computing
  75. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
  76. IP Telephony
  77. Free Space Laser Communications
  78. Hotel Management System
  79. Human Resources Management System
  80. Inventory System VB
  81. Membership Management System
  82. Patient Care System
  83. Controlling IP Spoofing through Inter domain Packet Filters
  84. Rough sets based Search Engine for grid service discovery
  85. Trustworthy Computing under Resource Constraints with the DOWN policy
  86. Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model
  87. Distributed Metadata Management for Large cluster-based storage system
  88. Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail
  89. Trainee Management System
  90. Employee Performance Evaluation For Top Performers & Recruitment
  91. Data Mining For Improved Customer Relationship Management
  92. Impartial Intrusion & Crime Detection Without Gender or Caste Discrimination
  93. Customer Relationship Management System Application In Healthcare Sector
  94. Visible Light Communication
  95. Skinput Technology
  96. Semantic Digital Library
  97. Seam Carving for Media Retargeting
  98. Compute Unified Device Architecture CUDA
  99. Combating Link Spam
  100. Bio-inspired Networking

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