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MCA Final Year Projects

MCA students have to take up projects during their courses to be able to understand the theories and concepts of computer science better. These principles are then applied to real world situations to make our lives far simpler and convenient. Below is provided a list of interesting project ideas that MCA students can borrow from when undertaking projects:

  1. Java-based Online Shopping: This project is a web-based online shopping application developed in JAVA. The main aim of online shopping is to improve the services of customers and vendors.
  2. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
  3. Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining
  4. ERP System For Institutes
  5. Efficient Doctor Patient Portal: a doctor-patient handling and management system that helps doctors in their work and patients to book their doctor appointments and view their medical progress.
  6. Improved Data Leakage Detection
  7. JClone: Syntax tree based clone detection for Java: Clone code detection can be achieved via analyzing the source code of given software system. An abstract syntax tree based clone detector for java systems is designed and implemented through this study.
  8. Interactive Web-based Guideline for the Efficiency of Household Electric Power Consumption
  9. Online Course Registration System in Java
  10. College Library Management
  11. Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking And Image Capture
  12. Biomedical Data Mining For Web Page Relevance Checking
  13. Real Estate Search Based On Data Mining
  14. Student College Smart Card
  15. Design of Shopping Mall Management System
  16. Online Cinema Ticket Booking System
  17. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
  18. E-Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
  19. Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining
  20. Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
  21. Opinion Mining For Social Networking Site
  22. Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System in C#.net and MySQL: Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System is the enquiry system which operates based on the voice input given by the user.
  23. User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence
  24. Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data Mining
  25. Unique User Identification across Multiple Social Networks: proposed system will bring together our online friends on different social networking sites into a single integrated environment. This would enable the user to keep up-to-date with their virtual contacts more easily, as well as to provide improved facility to search for people across different websites.
  26. Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location information. This system will track location of the vehicle and will send details about the location to the admin.
  27. Android Local Train Ticketing Project
  28. Android Patient Tracker
  29. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm
  30. Image Encryption Using Triple DES
  31. Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
  32. Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction: this proposed system will track the train timings; for instance, at what time a certain train departed from a particular station and pass on this information about timing details to other stations systems where it will display the timing as belonging to the train that has left the previous station. If the system finds any delay in train timings due to signal, it will automatically update the train timing in the next station and this information will also be displayed to viewers.
  33. Student Examination Data card
  34. iPad Restaurant Application
  35. GPS Based Human Tracking: the person to be tracked must own a mobile that is GPS-enabled & J2ME based. Whenever the user clicks on a search button, SMS is automatically sent to the GPS-enabled mobile and an automatic feedback is sent by the GPS mobile. This data is processed by a centralized personal through which we can obtain the latitude and longitudinal specifications of the area he is in.
  36. Distributed database for mobile computing
  37. Fire Fighter Robot Project
  38. Intelligent Chat Bot
  39. Traffic Signal: Management & Control System
  40. Automatic Toll Collection Project
  41. An Adaptive Social Media Recommendation System
  42. Employee Performance Evaluation For Top Performers & Recruitment
  43. Data Mining For Improved Customer Relationship Management
  44. Impartial Intrusion & Crime Detection Without Gender or Caste Discrimination
  45. Customer Relationship Management System Application In Healthcare Sector
  46. Performance Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using Data Mining & Opinion Mining
  47. Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews
  48. Opinion Mining For Comment Sentiment Analysis
  49. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining: mathematical model for predicting the success class such as flop, hit, super hit of the movies.
  50. Extended AES with Custom Configurable Encryption
  51. Opinion Mining For Hotel Rating Through Reviews
  52. Wireless Indoor Positioning System
  53. Internet Based Live Courier Tracking And Delivery System
  54. Active Chat Monitoring and Suspicious Chat Detection over Internet
  55. Social Network Privacy Using Two Tales Of Privacy Algorithm
  56. Android Customer Relationship Management System
  57. Android Employee Tracker: This application is meant for field work employers wherein an employee will have this application on his Android phone; every time the user logs in to the system, his image gets captured and his GPS location sent to the admin so that the admin can view the image and the GPS location via a web application.
  58. Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan
  59. Android – PC Chatting & Image Sharing System
  60. Vehicle Management System
  61. Universal Web Based File Coordinator
  62. Value card – Smart card based Loyalty
  63. Web Enabled Interactive, Dynamic And Authenticated Work Order System
  64. Student Attendance Management System
  65. Web Data Mining To Detect Online Spread Of Terrorism
  66. Distributed Dealership Network Analyzer and Sales Monitor
  67. Secure Data Transfer Over Internet Using Image Steganography
  68. Airport Network Flight Scheduler
  69. Query Processing in Global Information Systems
  70. A Conceptual Graph Approach to Support Multi-perspective Development Environments
  71. Congestion control in ATM-based Broadband ISDNs
  72. Collaboration Server
  73. Web based Applications for Insurance Services
  74. Online Loan Application & Verification System
  75. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
  76. Multi Website Advertisement Handling System
  77. Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System
  78. Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
  79. Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction
  80. E Healthcare – Online Consultation And Medical Subscription
  81. Android-based Prescription Viewer Application: an electronic-based prescription format for the doctors; its usage is very simple for the doctors as it allows them to enter patient’s name, drugs’ details, and dosage.
  82. Children Tracking System Using Bluetooth MANET Composed of Android Mobile Terminals
  83. Android System Design and Implementation for Telemetric Services
  84. Automatic Brightness Control of the Hand-held Device Display with Low Illumination
  85. Network Behavior Analysis For Android Malware Detection
  86. Automatic Alert Alarming For Security Systems
  87. Automated Parking System using RFID Technology
  88. Access My PC
  89. Android Application for Call Taxi: to develop an accessible and comprehensive Eclipse structure application, can potentially assist individuals to book a taxi from a phone and for the company to maintain a database for booking and sending driver details.
  90. Motion Detection and Instant Alerter
  91. Mobile Recharging With Banking Transaction Using SMS
  92. Java-Based Fire Alarm System
  93. Face Detection Using Template Matching
  94. Web Agent For Learning Content Updating
  95. PC Configuration Retrieval System on Online Server
  96. Web Server Log Analysis System
  97. Customer Behavior Prediction Using Web Usage Mining
  98. Student Information System
  99. E-Mail Campaign System
  100. Inventory Management System

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