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IT Projects

Information technology focuses on areas such as computer technology supports, database management and computer networks, data security and business software operations. Today, IT has to face new challenges every day relating to diverse issues like the growth of the Internet, latest operating systems, Internet security, mobile communication protocols etc. This is why students enrolled in these courses need to execute different projects during their course years to be able to understand the discipline better and improve their communication and presentation skills. Students can choose from any of these topics listed below:

  1. User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence: through this project the user’s access records can be successfully captured by implementing a data mining algorithm on the website.
  2. Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data Mining
  3. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining: in this project, the site will be evaluated based on factors like genuineness of the website, timely delivery of products after online transaction and supports provided by the site. Users will comment on the website based on the comment system and will accordingly rate the website.
  4. E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
  5. XML-Based Accretion on Data Extraction
  6. Sheltered Crossing Out Scheme through Protected Data Forwarding in Cloud
  7. Online Job Portal with Exam
  8. Network Address Translator
  9. SMS Blocker Android Widget Design Document
  10. Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining:  creates a web application with effective graphical user interface. The users will login to the system using their unique user ID and passwords. They will enter the current temperature, humidity factors and wind; the system will take these parameters and predict weather from previous data in the database.
  11. Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
  12. Opinion Mining For Social Networking Site
  13. Unique User Identification Across Multiple Social Networks
  14. Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking
  15. Intelligent Car Transportation System: anti-collision mechanism that determines estimates and avoids collision courses among multiple vehicles based on a correlative and cooperative wireless networking concept.
  16. Train Scheduling and Simulation
  17. Bandwidth Monitor
  18. Video Over Variable Bandwidth Links
  19. Lexico-Semantic Networks: an example of such an application is information retrieval where a lexical resource can provide easy query keyword disambiguation and improve quality of search results retrieved.
  20. Android Local Train Ticketing Project
  21. Android Patient Tracker: an android application that can assist in dispensary patient data management and viewing. This system is designed to help doctors to enter data as well as view patient history and other relevant patient details.
  22. Image Encryption Using AES Algorithm
  23. Image Encryption Using Triple DES
  24. Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
  25. Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
  26. Auto Text Summarization: generate a summary that offers a precise but accurate representation of the contents of a given electronic text document.
  27. Student Examination Data card
  28. iPad Restaurant Application
  29. GPS Based Human Tracking
  30. Distributed database for mobile computing
  31. Fire Fighter Robot Project
  32. Inventory Management System
  33. Distributed Data Mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection
  34. News Feeder
  35. Online Airline Ticket Reservation System: to develop a website that can facilitate reservation of online air tickets via an effective and simplistically designed GUI.
  36. Network Navigator
  37. Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
  38. Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
  39. Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews
  40. Opinion Mining For Comment Sentiment Analysis
  41. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining
  42. Extended AES with Custom Configurable Encryption
  43. Opinion Mining For Hotel Rating Through Reviews
  44. Web Content Trust Rating Prediction Using Evidence Theory
  45. Topic Detection Using Keyword Clustering
  46. Impartial Intrusion & Crime Detection without Gender or Caste Discrimination: data mining is now backed by automated information-gathering systems for the purpose of identifying fraud and crime detection. So, banks and finance companies, insurance agencies and clubs are mining information about their clients to detect potential interruption.
  47. Customer Relationship Management System Application In Healthcare Sector
  48. Performance Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using Data Mining & Opinion Mining
  49. Fake Product Review Monitoring And Removal For Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining
  50. Social Network Privacy Using Two Tales Of Privacy Algorithm
  51. Android Customer Relationship Management System
  52. RFID Security: Radio Frequency Identification is an emerging technology which promises to bring enormous productivity benefits in applications needing mass object identification.
  53. Object Tracking Using Radial Basis Function Networks
  54. Learning Relevance Order Over Graphically Linked Objects
  55. Web based Named Entity Recognition
  56. Web Monitoring for Lightweight Devices
  57. Employee Hourly Attendance by Barcode Scan: to automate the traditional attendance system of taking signatures by using an authentication technique.
  58. Android – PC Chatting & Image Sharing System
  59. Web Data Mining To Detect Online Spread Of Terrorism
  60. Data Mining For Automated Personality Classification
  61. Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking And Image Capture
  62. Biomedical Data Mining For Web Page Relevance Checking
  63. Loan Automation System
  64. Hospital Administration System
  65. Enterprise Level System Information Management: based on client-server technology to support network administrators so that the whole network may be managed from a single point with an effective GUI.
  66. Customer Relationship Management
  67. Lab Management System
  68. Internet Shopping Cart System: an online purchasing system; the most commonly used Internet language is Java and this has wide applications on both server and client sides.
  69. Real Estate Search Based On Data Mining
  70. Student College Smart Card: includes a card which contains a barcode that is unique and assigned to a particular student. This card can be refilled when required by students with the help of the administration. It is useful for students in places like the library or canteen.
  71. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
  72. Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining
  73. ERP System For Institutes
  74. Efficient Doctor Patient Portal
  75. Improved Data Leakage Detection
  76. Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis System For Linux
  77. Homeopathic Management System
  78. Payroll System
  79. Document Management System
  80. Clinic Management System
  81. Policy Management System
  82. Airport Network Flight Scheduler: this contains an admin module which enters the detail about flights and their timings; these details pass through an internet server and are retrieved by similar systems in other airports.
  83. Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
  84. Multi Website Advertisement Handling System
  85. Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
  86. Diagnostic Centre Client Coordination System
  87. Sending a secure message over a network to a remote site
  88. Automated College Timetable Generator
  89. Visual Product Identification for Blind
  90. Intelligent PC Location Tracking System
  91. Secure Remote Communication Using DES Algorithm
  92. Remote User Recognition And Access Provision
  93. Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System
  94. Wireless Indoor Positioning System: system that uses Wi-Fi signals to accurately track an android phone location in a closed room.
  95. Virtual Router
  96. An Adaptive Soft Switching Median Filter For Impulse Noise Removal
  97. Salt & Pepper Noise Removal Using Stacked Adaptive Median Filter
  98. Interactive Wireless Solutions for Next Generation Education System
  99. Partition-Based Median Type Filters For Suppressing Impulse Noise In Digital Images
  100. Password Recovery Tool

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