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Final Year Projects For ECE In Communication

In communication, communications-electronics (C-E) is the specialized field concerned with the use of electronic devices and systems for the acquisition or acceptance, processing, storage, display, analysis, protection, disposition, and transfer of information.

C-E includes the wide range of responsibilities and actions relating to:

Electronic devices and systems used in the transfer of ideas and perceptions;

Electronic sensors and sensory systems used in the acquisition of information devoid of semantic influence;

Electronic devices and systems intended to allow friendly forces to operate in hostile environments and to deny to hostile forces the effective use of electromagnetic resources.it is very useful.

  1. GSM Prepaid EB, Phone Bill System
  2. RFID Technology and STEREO Vision Based Human Face Recognition System
  3. Remote Control Circuit through RF without microcontroller
  4. Wireless Weather Monitoring based on GSM
  5. Zigbee based Automatic Meter Reading System
  6. A lower capacity bound of secure end to end data transmission via GSMnetwork
  7. Wireless Hospital Management System
  8. Sensor Based Motion Control Of Morbile Car Robot
  9. Voice Controlled Robot by Cell Phone with Android App
  10. Weather Station
  11. Synchronized Traffic Signals
  12. Energy Meter Reading over Internet
  13. DTMF Based Load Control System
  14. GPS: A method for data sharing in Mobile Social Networks
  15. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  16. Wireless Attendance Recorder
  17. Wireless Audio Communication System
  18. Password Based Access Control System by Using Motorized Gate Buzzer and LCD Displays
  19. Accident Identification System
  20. Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM
  21. Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using Zigbee Technology
  22. User Selection Algorithms for Block Diagonalization Aided Multiuser Downlink mm-Wave Communication
  23. Remote Industrial Security System
  24. Generation of Electricity from Wind Power
  25. Intelligent Wireless Controller for Oil Wells
  26. Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image
  27. Auto Turnoff Soldering Iron Circuit
  28. Single Door Bi-directional Counter Based Automatic Room Light Switcher
  29. PIC16F84A Microcontroller Based Telephone Operated remote Control System
  30. Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller
  31. Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Arma, Armax, Grey and Adaptive Grey Prediction Technique for Time Series Data
  32. Automatic Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sensing
  33. Wireless Rash Driving Detection
  34. Hot Water Geyser Controller Circuit
  35. Pick N Place with Soft Catching Gripper
  36. Grasping money game used in wireless channel resource allocation
  37. GSM Real Time Street Light Control Systems
  38. Wireless Temperature Monitoring on Remote Seven-segment Display using RF
  39. PC Regimented Defense Android Using Zigbee
  40. AES-256 Encryption in Communication using Labview
  41. Energy Conversation system for Corporate Computers and Lighting Systems Using PIR Sensors
  42. Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  43. FingerPrint Voting System
  44. Wireless AC Motor Speed Control Using TRIAC
  45. Effect of radio frequency interference (RFI) on the Global Positioning System (GPS) signals
  46. Parallel Telephone Lines with Security System Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer
  47. Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work
  48. DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller
  49. Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
  50. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  51. Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project
  52. Android based Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Operation
  53. Portable Programmable Medication Reminder
  54. Android Controlled Automobile
  55. Hovercraft Controlled By Android
  56. Personal Computer Based Interactive Voice Response System for Electronic Objection Record System
  57. Design Of A Color Sensing System For Textile Industries
  58. Wireless Process Controller
  59. Improve GPS positioning accuracy with context awareness
  60. Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification With Remote Engine Locking
  61. Sun Tracking Solar Panel
  62. Traffic Density Control With Android Override Using Avr
  63. Remote Password Operated Security Control by Android Applications
  64. Exprimental investigation of the GSM transmission quality in the vicinity of the power line system
  65. Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051
  66. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
  67. Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver
  68. Human Detector Robot using Microcontroller
  69. Celsius Scale Thermometer using 8051 Microcontroller
  70. PIC Microcontroller Based Controlling of Persona Computer Using TV Remote as a Electronic Mouse
  71. Tanker Robo For Vision Based Surveillance System
  72. Developing and implementing encryption algorithm for addressing GSMsecurity issues
  73. Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display
  74. Line Following Robotic Vehicle
  75. Wireless Motor Monitoring System
  76. Digital Image Processing Technology Based Implementation of Bird Detection Algorithm
  77. Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications
  78. GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System For Early Warning
  79. Panic Alarm
  80. Distributed signal processing for wireless EEG sensor networks
  81. AT89C2051 Based Multi pattern Running LED Lights
  82. Precise controlled Digital Temperature system
  83. An Automatic Mobile Recharger Station
  84. Implementation of Drip Irrigation System by Using Embedded System Applications
  85. Remote Controlled Dish Antenna
  86. Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication
  87. Intelligent Unambiguous Night Lamp Switcher
  88. Electricity Theft Monitoring System
  89. File Sharing Using Bluetooth
  90. Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System with Speed Control of AC motor in a plant using RF communication
  91. Remotely Controlled Android based Electronic Notice Board
  92. Wireless Security System
  93. Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless Communication
  94. GSM Technology Based Patient Monitoring System
  95. GSM Controlled Robot using Microcontroller
  96. Signal Processing and Optimization Tools for Conference Review and Session Assignment
  97. Wireless Red Signal Alerting For Trains
  98. Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing System without Using Staircase
  99. Vehicle tracking By GPS – GSM
  100. RF based tsunami detection and remote alert system with 60dB siren
  101. Biometric Attendance System
  102. Temperature Controlled DC Motor using Microcontroller
  103. Home Automation Using DTMF Decoder
  104. Restaurant Management System Project
  105. Automated Elevator With Overload Alert
  106. Remote monitoring of transformer / generator health over internet
  107. Phone Controlled Load Management System
  108. Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface
  109. Razor Based Programmable Truncated Multiply and Accumulate, Energy-Reduction for Efficient Digital Signal Processing
  110. Bluetooth Controlled Home Appliances
  111. GSM to UMTS Network Handover Vulnerability Testing Using Software-Defined Radio
  112. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  113. Voice Controlled Home Appliances
  114. Fire Alarm with Siren Sound
  115. A Memristor-Based Continuous-Time Digital FIR Filter for BiomedicalSignal Processing
  116. Conversion Of Audio CD Player To Video CD Player
  117. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF Communication
  118. GSM Based Monthly Energy Meter Billing via SMS
  119. Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System for Patients
  120. Remote Home Security System
  121. GSM based Industry Protection System
  122. A high performance asynchronous non-blocking data communication protocol
  123. PC Based Electrical Load Control
  124. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using IR (PWM and H-Bridge)
  125. Video Signal Transmitter
  126. Speed Control of DC Motor using Pulse Width Modulation
  127. SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial Plant
  128. Cell Phone Operated Robot
  129. Tracking GPS above GPS satellite altitude: first results of the GPSexperiment on the HEO mission Equator-S
  130. GSM Technology Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System by Using RF
  131. Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot
  132. Zigbee Based Defense Robot
  133. Intelligent approach to video transmission over 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  134. Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control
  135. A 1V, 0.9dB noise-figure high linearity LNA MMIC for concurrent GPShandset application
  136. 5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller
  137. Secret Code Enabled Secure Communication Using RF Technology
  138. Electronic Vehicle Identification In The Intelligent City
  139. Lower bounds of correlation measure for time hopping codes in UWB communication systems
  140. On/Off Control And Data Communication Through Power Line
  141. Soft-Core Dataflow Processor Architecture Optimized for Radar SignalProcessing
  142. Android Based Smart Phone Used for Induction Motor Control
  143. Monitoring of Fully Centralized and Automatic Transport System
  144. Wireless Transformer Monitoring System
  145. Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle
  146. Digital Photo Frame with Automatic Position and View Adjustment System by Using MEMS Accelerometer
  147. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera by Android Applications
  148. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
  149. Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Zigbee and GPS Module
  150. A Lagrangian drifter with inexpensive wide area differential GPSpositioning
  151. Assess Sleep Stage by Modern Signal Processing Techniques
  152. GSM Stepper Motor Speed & Direction Controller
  153. Automatic Over Speed Detector
  154. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
  155. Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement
  156. TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control
  157. Object Detection by Ultrasonic Means
  158. Wireless Material Handling Robot Controlled through Zigbee
  159. Radar Data Acquisition System
  160. Android Phone Speech Recognition Sensed Voice Operated Notice Board Display
  161. Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage
  162. Streetlight Power Cable Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee communication.
  163. PIC Microcontroller Based Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions
  164. GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer
  165. Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content
  166. Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers using RF Communication System
  167. Signal Processing With Direct Computations on Compressively Sensed Data
  168. Graphical LCD and GPS Based Implementation of Location Advertisement System
  169. Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor
  170. Dancing Bi-Color LED Lights Circuit
  171. Car Parking Guard Circuit Using Infrared Sensor
  172. Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
  173. Simple Radar Communication System
  174. Monitoring of Traffic Light Lamp Blow System Done in Singapore
  175. Wireless Camera Position System
  176. Motion Detector Circuit
  177. Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for Secured Communication using RF
  178. Development of a new modeling circuit for the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with GSM communication
  179. Vehicle Tracking System
  180. Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication
  181. Automatic Washroom Light Switch
  182. Frequency scaling of slant path rain attenuation for fade mitigation in satellite communication
  183. Zigbee based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers
  184. Earth Quake Detection Social Network Broad System by Using Arduino Board
  185. Intelligent GSM Care For Bus Finding System
  186. Water Level Alarm Using 555 Timer
  187. Analysis of performance of GPS L1 signal generator in GPS L1 signal
  188. An investigation into classification of infant cries using modified signalprocessing methods
  189. Packet Analyzer
  190. Wireless Voting Machine
  191. Density Based Auto Traffic Signal Control with Android Based Remote Override
  192. Ultrasonic Based Distance Measurement System
  193. Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES
  194. Human Speed Detection Project
  195. Doppler Radar Effect Interfaced with ATMEGA16 Microcontroller for Accident Detection and Avoidance System
  196. Rf Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
  197. Audio Signal Transmitter
  198. PIC Microcontroller Based Authentication and Controlling System by Using RFID Technology
  199. Digital Image Processing Based Intelligent Traffic Light Control System
  200. Automation Of Ration Products Distribution System
  201. Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System
  202. A method for reducing a bumblebee noise generated by a GSM technology in a smartphone
  203. Cell Phone Controlled Home Appliance Switching by PIC microcontroller
  204. Wireless Traffic Light Controller
  205. Implementation of CDMA Technology System by Using VHDL Language
  206. Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers
  207. Machine Overheat Detection With Alert
  208. Zigbee based Secured Wireless Data transmission and Reception
  209. Automated RF plus IR Based Paid Parking Manager System
  210. Password Based Circuit Breaker
  211. Assistance for Dumb and Illiterates in Airline Based on Touch Screen and Zigbee
  212. AT89S8252 Microcontroller Based Automatic School and College Bell System
  213. Cryptographic Secured Communication Between Army Stations
  214. Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System
  215. Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  216. GSM Based Home Security Alarm System Using Arduino
  217. Wireless AC/DC Device control for Appliances Using Remote Control
  218. Metal Detecting Robot
  219. 8051 Microcontroller based Drunken Driving Avoid System for Automobiles
  220. Network Monitoring System Communication
  221. Nav Multi Processor System
  222. Implementation of CAN Bus in Autonomous Terrain Vehicle
  223. Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection
  224. Vehicle Movement Based Street Lights With External Light Sensing
  225. Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System
  226. Time Attendance and Access Control System by Using Thumb Scanning Verification Technique
  227. Water Level Controller using Microcontroller
  228. Wave information by precise velocity measurement using GPS buoy
  229. Micro Controller based Power Theft Identifier
  230. Wireless Stepper Motor Control using IR Communication
  231. Display of Underground Cable Fault Distance over Internet
  232. GPS positioning performance in the wake of the Halloween 2003 geomagnetic storm
  233. Mobile Communication based Home Automation Security System
  234. Home Automation Using Android
  235. PC Based Home Automation
  236. The double channel communication and key configuration techniques of smart gasometer data transfer network in a heterogeneous environment
  237. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm
  238. Vehicle Theft Location Intimation by GPS/GSM to the Owner
  239. Blind navigation system using RFID for indoor environments
  240. Monitoring and Controlling of Temperature Humidity Network by Using Raspberry Pi Board
  241. Continuity Tester with Melody
  242. Password Based Door Lock System
  243. Bluetooth based Wireless Device control for Industrial Automation
  244. Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR communication
  245. GSM based Electricity Energy Meter Billing with Onsite Display
  246. Gsm Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)
  247. Combining Algebraic and Domain Testing to Design Adequate Test Cases for Signal Processing Algorithms
  248. Detecting Power Theft prior to feeding energy Meter and Intimating to Control Room by GSM
  249. Block-Skew-Circulant Matrices in Complex-Valued Signal Processing
  250. Optimum Energy Management System
  251. Automatic Liquid Dispensing System Used in Tea and Soft Drink Vending Machine by Using 8051 Microcontroller
  252. Tracking And Positioning System
  253. Dam Water Gate Controlling System with High Level Protection by Using DTMF Controlled Mobile Phone
  254. GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot
  255. Wireless Load Controller By GSM
  256. Design and Development of Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled using Labview
  257. CAN Protocol Based Allocated Management System
  258. RFID based Attendance System
  259. Use of Accurate GPS Timing Based on Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Network in Electric Systems
  260. Centralized Monitoring System for Taxies
  261. Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances
  262. Wireless Home Appliances Controller
  263. Zigbee based wireless remote weather station monitoring system
  264. GPS Technology Based Office Cab Monitoring and Controlling System
  265. DTMF Controlled Home Automation System Circuit
  266. TENS Unit
  267. Parking Availability Indication System
  268. Fingerprint Authenticated Device Swicher
  269. Local PCO Meter
  270. Wireless Library Book Catalog System by Using Touchscreen Technology and 8051 Microcontroller
  271. RFID Technology Based Industrial Warehouse Management System
  272. Micro Controller based Dissolving Process Controller
  273. GSM Sensor Based Accident Information System by Using GPS Technology
  274. Security System Using Smartcard Technology
  275. Remote Password Operated Electronic Home Appliances
  276. DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit
  277. I-Button Technology Based Paperless E-Cash Management System
  278. Programmable Energy Meter for Electrical Load Survey
  279. Security System With User Changeable Password
  280. Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle by Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  281. Controlling of Electronic Elevator by Using Voice Announcement, Speed Control and Mini Lift Model Systems
  282. Remote Vehicle With Unlimited Range
  283. Propeller display of Time / Message
  284. Digital Stopwatch

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