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Electrical Projects

Electrical engineering refers to a branch of engineering where the students understand basic electricity and electronics concepts and learn ways to apply these in the real world. The main task of electrical engineers is to devise ways for distributing energy in order to cater to different devices. Students must learn the skills needed to resolve technical problems; electrical engineers will also work on products like GPS systems, airline navigation systems, power plants etc. This is why students should ideally take up projects because many of these are used in our daily lives; students can choose from any of these interesting electrical projects listed below:

  1. Star Delta Starter using Adjustable Electronic Timer for Low power Induction Motor: to provide cost-effective star delta starter for low power three phase induction motor in order to provide low voltage start.
  2. Advances in Renewable Energy Sources
  3. Designing of a Permanent Magnet Generator for a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  4. Wireless Monitoring and controlling of Petroleum Tank
  5. Sensor less Speed Control of Alternative Current Induction Motor Using 8051 Microcontroller
  6. Remote Airfield Lighting System
  7. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm
  8. Temperature Adjustable Heating System with Power Electronic Devices
  9. Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work: implements the programmable load switching control using microcontroller for applications where repetition of nature of work involved.
  10. Power Factor Correction Using PIC Microcontroller: measures the power factor of loads using PIC microcontroller along with zero voltage and zero current crossing detector circuits.
  11. Microcontroller Based Protection for Low Voltage Motors using Zigbee Technology
  12. Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection System
  13. Wireless Power Transfer in 3 Dimensional Spaces
  14. Intelligent Feeder Control System in 230 kilovolts Switch Yard
  15. Self-Switching Power Supply
  16. Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Light System
  17. Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Delay Using Microcontroller: implements an automatic induction motor starter using microcontroller which works same as that of DOL starter.
  18. Microcontroller Based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor using V/F Method
  19. High Voltage Direct Current by Marx Generator Principles
  20. Accident Alert in Modern Traffic System with Camera
  21. ATM Terminal Design Based On Fingerprint Recognition
  22. Attendance Management Using Face Recognition System
  23. Automated Step Climber
  24. Automatic Light Dim Dip Controller
  25. Automatic Load Controller and Sharing System
  26. Highway Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Embedded Systems
  27. Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor Controls without Microcontroller
  28. Power Generation from the Wind Energy Available During Movement of Train
  29. Step-Up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Using 555 Timer
  30. Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System
  31. Development of an ES for Secure Wireless Data Communication
  32. Development Of Anti-rigging Voting System Using Finger Print
  33. Device Controlling Using TAPI
  34. Drop Coin and Get Power
  35. Power Factor Correction Using PIC Microcontroller: measures the power factor of the load using PIC microcontroller along with zero voltage and zero current crossing detector circuits.
  36. Microcontroller Based Protection for Low Voltage Motors using Zigbee Technology
  37. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  38. Temperature Adjustable Heating System with Power Electronic Devices
  39. Programmable Logic Controller Based Automatic Gate Control
  40. AT89C51 Microcontroller Based Metro Trains Using Proto Types with LCD Displays
  41. Non-Contact Alternative Current Motor Speed Monitoring and Display System with High and Low Alerts Using Hall Effect Sensors
  42. Wireless Three-Phase Starter Motor Using Radio Frequency Technology
  43. Energy Efficient Solar Village Lighting System with Midnight Load Shedding Using Human Sensors Devices
  44. Controlling of Embedded to Embedded Data Communication/ Machine through Telephone/ Optical Fiber Cable
  45. Power Failure Auto Alert Announcement System for Whole Area Electrical Consumers by Using Wireless Communication or Power Line Method from EBB Station
  46. Material Segregation in Industries Based on Programmable Logic Controllers
  47. GSM Technology Based Effective Switching of Agricultural Motor
  48. Programmable Logic Controller Based Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motor
  49. Access Control System by Using 8051 Microcontroller
  50. Standalone Temperature Measurement System Using Microcontroller
  51. Monitoring and Controlling of Wireless Electrical Devices for Industrial Applications
  52. EB Data Reading Through IR
  53. EB Load Monitoring Through Telephone
  54. EB Theft Finder and Analyzer Using Embedded Systems
  55. Electric Power from Wind Mill
  56. Electricity Theft Identification System
  57. Monitoring and Controlling of Timer Based Electrical Oven for Metal Industries
  58. Remote Data Monitoring System with WAP Information Gateway
  59. APR9600 Based Tapeless Retrieval and Voice Storage
  60. Direct Current Motor Speed Control through Push Switches
  61. Fire Fighting Robot
  62. First Aid Android In Defence
  63. Float cum Boost Charger
  64. Frequency Counter
  65. Radio Frequency Based Power House Monitoring System
  66. GSM Based Accident Sensing Systems
  67. GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer
  68. The Multilevel Modulator Direct Current Converter
  69. RFID Based Intelligent Shopping Trolley System
  70. Personal Computer Based Power Management System in Hotels
  71. Detection of Broken Conductors for Overhead Lines
  72. Two Quadrant Chopper Drive for Direct Current Motor Speed Control
  73. GSM Energy Meter Debugger Systems
  74. GSM Path finding System
  75. GSM Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic
  76. Alternating Current Lamp Dimmer Based on Android Smart Phone
  77. Implementation and Estimation of Content-aware Video Retargeting Methods
  78. Coupling Light from Micro Disk Lasers into Plasmonic Nano-antennas
  79. Advanced Wireless Industrial Mechanization System by Using Bluetooth Device
  80. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Based Multi-Channel Voltage Scanning Device
  81. Wireless auto power trip during gas leakage
  82. Solar powered auto irrigation systems
  83. Human Area Networking
  84. Infrared Remote Control
  85. Integrated Circuit Tester
  86. Integrated Photonic Microwave Band Pass Filter
  87. Speed Sensor less Induction Drive by Using Predictive Current Controller
  88. Speed and Current Control of Brushless Direct Current Motor by Using Sliding Mode Technique
  89. Digital Control Strategy Implementation for Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
  90. Isolated Bidirectional Full-Bridge Direct Current –Direct Current converter by Using a Fly Back Snubber
  91. Pedestrian Collision Avoidance
  92. PLC Based Intruder Information Sharing
  93. Pollution-less Mobile Horn System
  94. Prepaid Energy Meter
  95. Radar Data Acquisition System
  96. Railway Accident Avoiding System
  97. Railway Security Monitoring System Using GSM Technology
  98. Design of Humanoid Robot System by Using Direct Current Reduction Motor
  99. Maintenance of Overhead Distribution Lines through DCC with the Use of Laser Monitoring and Advanced Logistical Systems
  100. Monitoring of Handheld Multi-Parameters Using Radio Frequency Technology with LCD Display and Data Acquisition System

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