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Control System Projects

Control systems are basically devices or sets of devices which are responsible for managing, commanding, directing and regulating the actions or behavior of other devices and systems. Control systems can be both closed loop control systems and open loop control systems. In the latter, the output is produced based upon the inputs while in the closed loop systems, the current output is accepted and corrections are carried out based upon the feedbacks. This explains why the closed loop system has also been referred to as feedback control system.

  1. Configurable Medication Reminding System
  2. Electrical Load Controlled By PC
  3. Displaying Moving Message on Notice Board Using PC
  4. House Security System
  5. Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
  6. Electronic Code Lock
  7. Ultrasonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
  8. Advanced Elevator Control
  9. Versatile Variable Duration Digital Timer
  10. Access Controlled System
  11. Stepped Power Supply
  12. Electronic Card Locking System
  13. Contact Less AC Main Voltage Detector
  14. Small Power Converter
  15. Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection
  16. FRC Meter
  17. Anti Terrorism vehicle authorizing System
  18. Bike security anti theft Project
  19. Touch Pad Based Device Project
  20. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion
  21. Early Flood Detection System
  22. Intelligent Car Lighting System
  23. Solar Tracking System
  24. Multi Channel Logic Analyzer
  25. Multi Channel Tacho Scanner Cum Controller
  26. Remote Tachometer
  27. Fabric Tear Sensor
  28. IR Remote Thyristor Power Controller
  29. Controlling Induction Motor Power Through Thyristor
  30. ZVS Based 3 Stage Solid State Relay
  31. DC Motor Speed Controller
  32. Visitor Sensor Light With Seven Segment Display
  33. Motor Speed Controller
  34. Intelligent Switch
  35. Fuel theft detection
  36. Home Security using GSM
  37. Automatic Toll Collection Project
  38. IOT Garbage Monitoring System
  39. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
  40. Home Automation Using Android
  41. Automated Elevator With Overload Alert
  42. Automatic Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sensing
  43. Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display
  44. Android Controlled Automobile
  45. Auto Light/Water Saving Project
  46. Quad Rotor (Four Fan Helicopter)
  47. Street light automatic intensity controller
  48. Accident Identification and alerting project
  49. Agricultural Robot Project
  50. IR Lighting Controller
  51. Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by PC
  52. Closed Loop DC Motor Control To Run It At Exact Speed
  53. Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone
  54. DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener
  55. RPM Display For BLDC Motor With Speed Controller
  56. Android Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot
  57. Remote Controlled Induction Motor Controller
  58. GSM Patient Health Monitoring
  59. Hovercraft Controlled By Android
  60. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
  61. Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project
  62. Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
  63. Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
  64. Industrial Load Switcher Based On Touch Screen
  65. Energy Management System With Programmable Numbers using GSM
  66. SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control With Programmable Numbers
  67. Instant Electric Circuit Breaker
  68. Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
  69. Finger Print Voting System: is used to sense fingerprints and provide to microcontroller for further processing. The system has list of eligible voters in it, the voting system tallies the recognized finger print against the ones stored in database.
  70. Vehicle Movement Based Street Lights With External Light Sensing
  71. Android Antenna Positioning System: helps the antenna to point straight towards the sending signal device so as to capture the signal. For this the system uses 8051 family microcontroller and a LCD screen is used to display status of the angle of the antenna. The system makes use of stepper motor to demonstrate as the antenna motor which is used to move the antenna in proper direction.
  72. Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
  73. Voice Based Notice Board Using Android: allows the user to display notices without typing them in manually. This innovative system can be used in a variety of places including railway stations, schools, colleges, offices for displaying emergency announcements on the screen instantly by just speaking out the message instead of typing it in each time.
  74. Wireless Mobile Charging Project
  75. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using RF: The system uses 8051 microcontroller that is interfaced to the RF receiver. This RF receiver receives commands that are sent by the RF remote. Commands like up, down, open and close are sent by the RF remote which are processed. As soon as the user presses the push buttons, the commands are sent to the RF remote, which makes the arm move in the specified up or down direction or grip open or close.
  76. Android Controlled Robotic Arm
  77. Machine Overheat Detection With Alert
  78. IR Based Obstacle Detection for Load Switching Project: to actuate a load based system as soon as Infrared Rays collide with an object. In industries, this system is used to take up an action as soon as an object is encountered on the conveyor belt.
  79. IR Based Traffic Density Detection And Signal Adjustment
  80. AC Power Strength Controller System
  81. Traffic Signals with Synchronization System: manages junction traffic such that the traffic always gets a green signal and never stops at the junction. The project eliminates traffic congestion that usually occurs in major cities.
  82. Solar Panel With Sun Position Tracking
  83. Voice Controlled Home Automation
  84. Android Controlled Remote Password Security
  85. Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control
  86. Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control
  87. Industry Temperature Control System
  88. Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot
  89. Speech Detector Robotic Vehicle Control
  90. Robotic Arm Vehicle Controlled By Touch Screen Display
  91. Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
  92. Android Controlled Pick And Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project
  93. Ultrasonic Object Detection Project
  94. Solar Street Lights with Auto Intensity Controller: Intensity of street lights is required to be kept high during the peak hours. As the traffic on the roads tends to decrease slowly in late nights, the intensity can be reduced progressively till morning to save energy.
  95. Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project
  96. Advanced antenna monitoring system
  97. Lamp Illumination Control With Precision
  98. Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface
  99. Industry Automation Using Programmable Switching in Repetitive Nature Of Work
  100. Android Controlled Induction Motor with 7 segment display

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