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Artificial Intelligence Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving” (known as Machine Learning). As machines become increasingly capable, mental facilities once thought to require intelligence are removed from the definition. For instance, optical character recognition is no longer perceived as an exemplar of “artificial intelligence”, having become a routine technology.Capabilities currently classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech, competing at a high level in strategic game systems (such as Chess and Go), self-driving cars, intelligent routing in content delivery networks, and interpreting complex data.

AI research is divided into subfields that focus on specific problems or on specific approaches or on the use of a particular tool or towards satisfying particular applications.

  1. Wireless heart beat rate monitoring & A Cardiac Pacemaker Simulation – Mobile Messenger
  2. Artificial Intelligent Based Remote controlled Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
  3. Advanced Robotic Pick and Place Arm and Hand System
  4. Price Negotiator Ecommerce ChatBot System
  5. PC based wireless Pick and Place jumping robot with remote control
  6. Artificial Intelligence Based Image Capturing and Transferring to PC using Robot
  7. Intelligent Tourist System Project
  8. War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera by Android Applications
  9. Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operation
  10. Question paper generator system
  11. Mobile robot control based on information of the scanning laser range sensor
  12. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
  13. Wall Follower Robot with The Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes
  14. Bluetooth enabled wireless network synchronization
  15. Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API
  16. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  17. Intelligent Chat Bot
  18. Voice Controlled Robot by Cell Phone with Android App
  19. Smart Card / Proximity Based Human Resources Management System
  20. Wireless Temperature Monitor & Controller Based On Vhf Transmission
  21. Smart / Proximity Based College Campus Card & Access Control System
  22. ‘Pick N Place’ with Soft Catching Gripper
  23. Automatic Answer Checker
  24. Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Ratings Php
  25. College Enquiry Chat Bot
  26. Smart / Proximity Based Punctuality Monitoring System For Public Transport System
  27. Wireless code modulation for secure Communication using encryption & Decryption
  28. Heart Disease Prediction Project
  29. Line Following Robotic Vehicle Expandable to Walking and Climbing Robot
  30. Robotic Vision and Color Identification System with Solenoid Arm for Colored Material Separation
  31. Fire Fighting Robotics with AI (Artifical Intelligence) and WAP
  32. Stream Analysis For Career Choice Aptitude Tests
  33. Library Robot – Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
  34. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
  35. Line following Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller
  36. Remote controlled Pneumatic Four Axis Material Handling Robot
  37. Android Smart City Traveler
  38. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  39. SMS controlled intelligent searching and pick and place moving robot
  40. IVRS Based Robot Control with Response & Feed Back
  41. Wireless Motor Speed Controller Using RF Module
  42. IVRS Based Control of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed back
  43. Fully Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV) Robot
  44. Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System
  45. Banking Bot Project
  46. Android Attendance System
  47. Remote Controlled Drone with Built in Camera
  48. Voice Controlled Material handling Robot
  49. A Commodity Search System For Online Shopping Using Web Mining
  50. Stock Market Analysis and Prediction
  51. Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating
  52. Intelligent Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
  53. Arduino Operated Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  54. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based Image Capturing and transferring to PC/CCTV using Robot
  55. A Voice Guiding System for Autonomous Robots
  56. Smart Health Consulting Project
  57. Wireless Industrial Security Robot With Motion Detection System
  58. Artificial Intelligence Based Fire fighting AGV
  59. Smart Card / Proximity Based Bio Medical Health Card Design
  60. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
  61. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  62. A Hands Gesture Control System of for an Intelligent Robot
  63. SMS controlled video analyzing robot
  64. Monitoring Through PC Using Wireless Data Transfer.
  65. Intelligent Robot with Artificial Intelligence computer Brain system
  66. Staircase Climbing Robot – Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach
  67. Sensor Operated Path Finding Robot (Way Searching)
  68. Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering
  69. Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance & Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic Technology
  70. A Humanoid Robot to Prevent Children Accidents
  71. Voice Controlled Home Appliances
  72. AI Desktop Partner
  73. Visual tracking control to fast moving target for stereo vision robot
  74. An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology
  75. Material Dimensions Analyzing Robot
  76. Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
  77. Walking Robot with Infrared Sensors / Light Sensors / RF Sensor / Tactile Sensors
  78. Pick N Place Robotic Arm and Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly
  79. Electrical Parameters In Industries
  80. Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
  81. RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Arrangement
  82. Sensor Operated Automatic Punching robot
  83. Robust Sensor-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots
  84. Microcontroller Communication System with LCD Display
  85. Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent ) Based Intelligent- Robot for Materials Handling
  86. Student Information Chatbot Project
  87. Design and Development of Obstacle Sensing and Object Guiding Robot
  88. Smart Card / Proximity Based Membership Management System
  89. Artificial Intelligence Dietician
  90. Three Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  91. Wireless AI (Artificial intelligent) Based Mobile Robot For Multi Specialty Operations
  92. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining

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