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CSE Paper Presentation Topics

CSE paper presentation topics are topics in Computer Science engineering that deals with computers and their uses like computation, systems control, data processing, advanced algorithmic properties, artificial intelligence etc. CSE projects entail the design and development of multiple application-based programs.

  1. Virtual Reality uses a huge number of technologies to produce a Virtual world so that a user can interact and manipulate with the virtual objects in the so produced Virtual Worlds.
  2. Data recovery: Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drive, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics.
  3. Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Network
  4. Cyber Crime and Security
  5. Open Source Technology
  6. Nano computing
  7. VoIP in mobile phones
  8. Cyber Terrorism: is any act of terrorism that uses information systems or digital technology (computers or computer networks) as either an instrument or a target.
  9. Quantum Computing
  10. Mobile Adhoc Network: is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected without wires.
  11. Diamond Chip: Electronics without silicon is unbelievable, but it will come true with the evolution of Diamond or Carbon chip. Now a day we are using silicon for the manufacturing of Electronic Chips.
  12. Network Security
  13. Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  14. Image processing in computer vision
  15. Pervasive computing
  16. Distributed and parallel systems
  17. Embedded Systems
  18. Software quality assurance
  19. Business Intelligence ERP
  20. Grid Computing
  21. CDMA & Blue Tooth Technology
  22. Software Testing & Quality Assurance
  23. WI-FI / WI-MAX
  24. Digital Media Broadcasting
  25. Real Time Operating System
  26. E-cash payment systems: Electronic payment systems come in many forms including digital checks, debit cards, credit cards, and stored value cards.
  27. Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
  28. Algorithms and Computation Theories
  29. Artificial Intelligence
  30. Data Warehouse
  31. Intrusion Detection Systems: These techniques include email based Trojan, stealth scanning techniques, malicious code and actual attacks, which bypass firewall policies by tunneling access over allowed protocols such as ICMP, HTTP, DNS, etc.
  32. Game Playing in Artificial Intelligence: Game playing was one of the first tasks undertaken in Artificial Intelligence. Game theory has its history from 1950, almost from the days when computers became programmable. The very first game that is been tackled in AI is chess.
  33. Tablet Personal Computer:  A tablet PC is a laptop or slate-formed mobile computer that is outfitted with a Touchscreen or screen that can be controlled with a digital pen or stylus, or via finger touch.
  34. Speed Detection of Moving Vehicle Using Speed Cameras
  35. Spyware: Computer users are increasingly finding programs on their computers that they did not know were installed and that they cannot uninstall, that create privacy problems and open security holes, that can hurt the performance and stability of their systems, and that can lead them to mistakenly believe that these problems are the fault of another application or their Internet provider.
  36. Robotics
  37. Brain fingerprinting: is based on finding that the brain generates a unique brain wave pattern when a person encounters a familiar stimulus Use of functional magnetic resonance imaging in lie detection derives from studies suggesting that persons asked to lie show different patterns of brain activity than they do when being truthful.
  38. Concurrent Programming and Parallel distributed O.S.
  39. Server virtualization
  40. Touch Screens: typically found on larger displays, in phones with integrated PDA features.
  41.  Digital Investigation Process: Digital forensics has been defined as the use of scientifically derived and proven methods towards the preservation, collection, validation, identification. Knowledge discovery and Data Mining
  42. Genetic Algorithm
  43. High Performance Computing
  44. Nano Technology
  45. Distributed computing
  46. Parasitic computing
  47. Electronic Banking is a major innovation in the field of banking; it is a facility under which the customers can perform basic banking transaction electronically round the clock.
  48. Dynamic Data Grid Replication Strategy: In data grid, large quantity of data files is produced and data replication is applied to reduce data access time
  49.  Google Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality Head-Mounted Display (HMD).
  50.  Android Technology is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.
  51.  Blue Ray Disc is an optical disc storage medium which has a better format than the format of the DVD.
  52. Network Traffic Analyzer: The rapid growth of Internet Traffic has emerged as a major issue due to the rapid development of various network applications and Internet services
  53.  Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization
  54. Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System
  55. Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multiradio Multicellular Wireless networks
  56. Data Mining Technique Based Building Intelligent Shopping for Web Services
  57. Automatic Teller Machine Network Implementation based Controlling of CAC Connection Admission
  58. Adaptive Coaching and Co-Operative System for MANETS
  59. Multidimensional and Color Imaging Projections
  60. Inter Domain Packet Filters based Controlling of IP Spoofing
  61. Hidden Markov Models Based Credit Card Fraud Detection
  62. XML Enable SQL Server Based Data Storage and Minimization
  63. Artificial Neural Network Based Verification of Digital Signature
  64. Design and Implementation of E Secure Transaction
  65. Pattern Recognition and Dynamic Character Using Neural Network
  66. Verification of Dynamic Signature Using Pattern Signature
  67. Data Integrity Maintenance and Dynamic University Linking
  68. Filtering and Analyzing of Effective Packet System for ATM Network
  69. Efficient and Distribution and Secure Content Processing by Cooperative Intermediaries
  70. Rule Mining Algorithm for Efficient Association in Distributed Databases
  71. Digest Algorithm for Efficient Message for Data Security
  72. By Using Concurrent Engineering Train Simulation Based on Genetic Algorithm
  73. Travelling Salesman and Genetic Algorithm Problem Using ATL COM and C#
  74. Channel Rate Allocation for Scalable Video Streaming Using Genetic Algorithm over Error-Prone Networks Based on GOP
  75. High Speed Face Recognition Based on RBF Neural Networks and Discrete Cosine Transform
  76. Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster
  77. Image Analysis and Compression with PSNR and MSE Technique
  78. Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  79. Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters
  80. Architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming
  81. Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks
  82. Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router
  83. Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router
  84. Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems
  85. Multithreaded Socket Based Email Server
  86. Web Based Bus Ticket Reservation System
  87. Chinese Input with Eye Tracking and Keyboard
  88. Automated Image Enhancement Based Identification of Plaque
  89. Developing the Encryption, API, Architecture and Security of Biometric Technology
  90. Automated Transport Enquiry System in MySQL and C# Based on Voice
  91. Modeling and Detection of the Camouflaging Worm
  92. Increased Development Process Quality Based Testing of Automotive Real Time
  93. SQL Based Employee Management System in ASP and C# .NET
  94. Management System of Pharmacy in MySQL and PHP
  95. Graph Analysis and Generation for Detecting the Source Code Plagiarism Based on Program
  96. Implicit Approach Based Animating and Buildup of Wind Driven Snow
  97. Bullet Physics and Cinder Graphics Based Doodle Processing System
  98. Simulation and Modeling of Unknown Factors in Acquisition
  99. Image Processing Segmentation Based Verification of Secured Fingerprint Using Computational Geometry Algorithms
  100. Mathematical Morphology Based Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction
  101. Flexible Data Dissemination Strategy in Mobile Wireless Communication Networks for Effective Cache Consistency
  102. Fingerprint Verification System Based on a Correction